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More Spots for Bikes Than Cars at Mission Hill's 40 Fisher

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Boston is in the midst of its biggest residential-building boom in ages (a boom big enough to drown out a similarly reverberating one in hotel construction). Latest case in point: the proposed 15-unit project at 40 Fisher Avenue in Mission Hill. It was originally supposed to be two three-story buildings, but will now be one six-story structure of 1-, 2- and 3-BRs. If the city O.K.'s it, it will come with a fitness center and storage. And! Parking for both cars and bikes.

The project is also slated to have 10 parking spaces. A sizable amount, yes, for 15 apartments. Yet it will also have room for storing 18 bikes. The acreage for cars will undoubtedly dwarf the space needed for the bikes. Nevertheless! You don't often see bikes dominating the parking ratio in Boston nowadays, do you?
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