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Back Bay's Biggest Roof Deck Arrives Just in Time for Spring

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It's not really spring-like right now even if the calendar says spring. Yet one day soon it will be consistently warm and sunny; and the titanic awfulness that was this winter shall be well behind us forever. And, when that day comes, the approximately 2,400-square-foot private roof deck off Penthouse 502 at 9-17 Harcourt Street will either be in a new owner's property portfolio or well on its way there. Quick trades are the way of things now in Boston condos, and this spread in the Back Bay-South End borderlands just hit the sales market. Said roof deck is—quite literally—its crowning detail: The Coldwell Banker listing says it's "possibly the largest private roof deck in Back Bay or So End." We're hard-pressed to argue. Know of any bigger? Email us on the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline (photos appreciated). Meanwhile, let's talk about the asking price on this puppy. The 2-BR, 2.5-BA spread, which totals 1,549 interior square feet and comes with two garaged parking spaces, wants $2,395,000. That tag also includes the furniture and plant life you see on the ginormous roof deck. Go.
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