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All Quincy Edition! Development Downtown, Population Growth

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QUINCY CENTER—Private developers and the city are going long: "Three separate projects totaling nearly $100 million were unveiled to the public Tuesday, the latest sign that Mayor Thomas Koch's vision to redevelop Quincy's stagnant downtown may be nearing reality. The new projects include a 15-story luxury apartment building, two luxury condominium buildings, a hotel and ground-floor commercial space." [Patriot-Ledger]
QUINCY—A new UMass report finds that the commonwealth's population will bounce in the next couple of decades, particularly in Quincy: "The city's population jumped roughly 8 percent since 2010 to just over 100,000. The 'City of Presidents' is projected to grow by another 25 percent by 2035, to 125,379. The South Shore cornerstone has seen an influx of buyers lured by a quick commute to Boston and its relatively more affordable home prices." []