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1-BR Apartment Rents Around Greater Boston Right Now

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The number-crunchers at home-search site Zumper are out with this snazzy map of what Greater Boston tenants paid in rent for 1-BRs in March. Renters in the busy, busy D Street corridor in game-change-y Southie paid the most.

Zumper also notes that some areas saw steeper 1-BR increases and declines than others: "Upward movers included Mid-Cambridge (+7.5 percent, $2,150) and Lower Roxbury (+7.3 percent, $2,500) while dips were noted in Chinatown (-9.1 percent, $2,900), South End (-4.1 percent, $2,600), and the North End (-4 percent, $2,400)." Here's more on rents by neighborhood and here's how the Boston area compares to other major metros nationwide.
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