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More Hub College Students on Campus; Globe HQ Sale News

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DORCHESTER—New England's newspaper of record is still selling its HQ but... "Globe CEO Mike Sheehan also told the Reporter this week that the Globe has not yet identified a new headquarters for its news division. Last year, the Globe entered into an agreement to sell its 16.5-acre Dorchester property to Winstanley Enterprises, a Concord-based development firm. However, the deal fell through in February due to Winstanley's difficulty in financing the purchase." [Reporter]
BOSTON—This may or may not be good for the non-students hunting for housing: "The number of students living on Boston college campuses rose by more than 6 percent last year as new dormitories opened to provide much-needed housing, a city report says. The report ... provides the first detailed look at where students live since the city instituted additional reporting requirements last year as part of a strategy officials say will help them crack down on unsafe conditions in off-campus apartments." [Globe]