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Kerfuffle in JP Over Addition; Ugliness of Boston Architecture

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JAMAICA PLAIN—Did a state senator get special treatment when it came to adding on to her duplex? "The height of it — and the heft of it — are drawing stares from many neighbors and a lawsuit from one of them, who's suing not only Chang-Diaz and her husband, but also the city, for allowing the construction to occur." [Globe]
BOSTON—We second this: "Technology and innovation were supposed to power Boston's next great age, but judging from our skyline, both were instead harnessed to spit out blank, emotionless towers. If we continue to do what we have done — what we are still doing now — then our negligence, and the passivity of a generation of builders, architects, and city planners, will be responsible for the most unremarkable design period in Boston's history." [Boston Mag]