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Big Reveal: the Seaport Condo w/ a Hot Tub in the Bedroom

And, now, the answer in our latest asking-rent guessing game.

Address: 33 Sleeper Street, #105
Rent: $2,950
The Skinny: This particular RentSpotter was one for the ages, all thanks to a truly funky condo. Let's count the ways, shall we? There's the sauna, of course. And then there's the hot tub in the bedroom next to the bed itself and on carpeting no less. And! Said hot tub is next to a changing corral with swinging doors (look closely). There's also a dais in the living room and some kind of odd storage set-up. Anyway. Nearly 40 percent of you went long on this one, guessing a rent of $3,350. Just over one-fifth voted for the correct asking. It was all so overwhelming, we know.

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