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Dot Is the New Brooklyn; Somerville's Beacon Street; More!

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SOMERVILLE—The city promises it'll get better, honest: "While planners have promised American excellence, at the moment local residents prefer to reference locales like Kuwait and Leningrad in order to describe the infrastructure." [Dig Boston]
SOUTH BOSTON—That experiment in one-way streets is officially over: "In the midst of the torrents of Boston snow during the historic winter of 2014-2015, Mayor Marty Walsh opted to turn two-way streets in South Boston to one-way only in order to accommodate traffic that was bottle-necked due to the mountainous snowbanks. On Friday, he announced that streets will return to normalcy and accommodate two-way traffic on Wednesday, May 13." [BostInno]

DORCHESTER—Sure, why not? "Dorchester is the new Brooklyn. ... Brooklyn and Dorchester have seen a steady migration of artists and musicians since the 1970s, fostered by artists lofts being built in former warehouses. Brooklyn and Dorchester are the heart of hip hop in their respective cities." [Lower Dot]