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More Apts., Condos and a Hotel for Somerville's Assembly Row

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One of the biggest real estate developments in the Boston region—in perhaps the entire Eastern United States—is getting that much bigger. Tucked inside a quarterly report last week from Rockville, Md.-based developer Federal Realty Investment Trust comes news of its plans to move forward with Phase II in Somerville's Assembly Row.

The sheer amount of planned development in the forthcoming phase is phenomenal by regional standards, further proof that Somerville is willing to build the housing Boston can't or won't. Here's the breakdown:
· 447 luxury apartments
· 117 luxury condos
· a 155-room boutique hotel
· 167,000 square feet of retail space
· a 700,000-square-foot office building that Partners Healthcare is constructing

Assembly Row is due to have more than 2,000 housing units total (some have already debuted). It also includes a Orange Line stop, which opened in September 2014, the first new subway stop along the T since way back in 1987.
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Assembly Row

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