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Southie's Andrew Square Project Could Span Six City Blocks

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About a month ago news dropped that a developer that owns several South Boston parcels at the intersection of Old Colony Avenue and Dorchester Street off Andrew Square planned to build big on the sites: around 700 apartments and tons of retail, plus parking. More details are out, thanks to filings with the city, and the project does, indeed, look to be particularly huge, starting with its footprint, which could stretch to some six city blocks and at least eight buildings.

According to Dan Adams in The Globe, the project centered around 235 Old Colony Avenue, would include two residential towers, one 20 stories and the other 21 (both would be more than 200 feet). The 700 units would be "middle-class" apartments (your guess is as good as ours as to what that might mean in practice). The remaining six buildings would stretch from at least 40 feet to 70 feet, with a number of retail spots, including a grocery store. Finally, while the project would be designed as "a walkable neighborhood with community-focused businesses," complete with a new 1.4-acre park and a short walk to the Andrew T stop, there would be room for 600 cars in garages and on lots. The official review process has just commenced, so stay tuned.
· Intersection Near Andrew Square Would be Transformed Under Developer's Plan [Globe]

Andrew Square

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