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Seaport Square Holdup; City Council Olympic Hearings

SEAPORT—A new lawsuit is holding up construction of a hotel, a park and other properties in Seaport Square: "Waltham's Crosspoint Associates, majority owner of 10 adjacent Thomson Place and Farnsworth Street buildings until last month, sued BGI in September, claiming it had an easement through Block J, where the hotel is to be built as part of BGI's $3.5 billion, 23-acre Seaport Square development." [Herald]
BOSTON—The first hearing is this coming Monday: "Saying he wants to 'flesh out' key aspects of Boston's bid for the 2024 Olympics, City Council President Bill Linehan plans four public forums in the next two months that will review the Games' costs, a proposed referendum, and the potential to transform the city." [Globe]

Seaport Square

Sleeper Street, Boston, MA