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Belmont Site of Possible Boston Strangler Murder Trades

The house at 14 Scott Road in Belmont may have been in March 1963 the site of one of the brutal murders allegedly committed by Albert DeSalvo (a.k.a. the Boston Strangler). DeSalvo never admitted to the killing of Bessie Goldberg, who lived in the house with her husband Israel. Another man, Roy Smith, who had been hired to clean the Goldbergs' home, was eventually convicted of the murder—though his life sentence was later commuted and much of the slaying matched the MO of DeSalvo's other crimes. Flash forward more than a half-century and the 1,880-square-foot 3-BR, 1.5-BA traded in a deal that closed a few days ago for $750,000. That's $51K over the original asking price in February, when an inaugural open house drew so much interest police had to shut it down.
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