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Eye-Melting Charlestown Colonial Channeling Versailles

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The 5,736-square-foot house at 64 Walker Street in busy, busy Charlestown has been on the sales market nearly three weeks. The spread's main selling point is obviously its standalone nature: The Colonial was built from the ground up in 2000 on a nearly quarter-acre lot off Bunker Hill Street and it comes with its own yard (which comes with its own apple orchard). A closer look inside, though, reveals a further selling point if you're into this sort of thing: eye-melting paint selections and ornate moldings worthy of the most baroque rooms in Versailles, proving that Francophilia is not limited to downtown Boston. Check 'em out. The 12-room house, which includes five bedrooms and four full bathrooms, is asking $2,099,000. Stay tuned.
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