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Nashville Gains on Boston; Commuter Boats for Memorial Day

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HUB-WIDE—Instead of the parking lots that will be the region's highways this Memorial Day Weekend, how about these? "MBTA commuter boat trips kick off this weekend and last through Labor Day. The public transit agency's boat service hauls passengers between Hingham, Hull, Georges Island, Grape Island and Boston. This is the second year MBTA weekend commuter service has been offered." [BostInno]
BEYOND THE HUB—Music City U.S.A. is taunting us: "Nashville is the 25th-largest city in the nation. Since 2010, it has surpassed Baltimore in population. With a population of 644,014, Nashville now ranks just below Boston, which is home to 655,884 people, and Memphis, which has 656,861." [Tennessean]