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Could Boston Get a Three-Lane, 1,000-Foot Water Slide?

File this under: Please, God, make it happen. A Utah firm called the Springbox Group is applying for a city permit to lay down a three-lane, 1,000-foot, vinyl water slide on a gently sloping boulevard of Boston.

It's all very-early-planning-stages, according to Donna Goodison at the Herald, but it's a real thing that happens sometimes: Springbox has apparently held what it calls Slide the City events in Salt Lake City, Boise, West Palm Beach and the Arizona locale of Fountain Hills. The firm charges between $15 and $60 depending on how many rides one takes; and there are separate lanes along the slide: one for parents and children; one so-called free-slider lane; and a chute for one person at a time. Boston is so far mum on the permit. Stay tuned and cross your fingers. It was such a long winter.
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