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Greenway's Aerial Art Already Being Used to Move Condos

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That didn't take long. On Sunday, Brookline artist Janet Echelman's one-ton aerial sculpture went up over a portion of Boston's Greenway. On Monday, the listing dropped for Unit 17A at the InterContinental. It shows a clear view of Echelman's work in one of the listing photos, inviting anyone interested in buying the 2-BR, 2-BA, 1,580-square-foot spread to imagine the bragging rights. You can see the Charles from your living room? Oh, I can see more than 100 miles of rope tied in 500,000 knots suspended 365 feet above one of the nation's most famous parks. Trump card. The condo is asking $1,995,000 and comes with a luxurious $1,713 association fee. By the way, Echelman's work comes down at the end of October. Just sayin'.
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