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Greenway Aerial Sculpture Bird-Safe; Silicon Valley in Boston

DOWNTOWN BOSTON—One of those big ideas for developing Winthrop Square sounds either like Valhalla or a waking nightmare: "Instead of a private marble lobby, imagine a glassy galleria about twice the size of Boston innovation center District Hall. There would be meeting spaces and coffee shops, set up to create the much-vaunted 'cafe culture' of Silicon Valley, a place where the suits brush up against entrepreneurs in jeans and flip-flops in hopes of launching the next Facebook. [Globe]
FORT POINT—In case you were wondering re: that giant Jane Echelman sculpture suspended over the Greenway: "We consulted a bio-engineering firm that explained how the physical qualities of the artwork do not meet the criteria that would endanger birds. Our nets are made of thicker rope with wider net openings than those used to entrap flying birds or other creatures. Our structures are not unlike naturally occurring vines and thickets often found in local forests, and birds are well adapted to avoid these." []

Rose Kennedy Greenway

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