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Adjoining Beacon Hill Monsters Up for Grabs, TLC Required

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Back in March 2014, the Unitarian Universalist Association sold the adjoining Beacon Hill townhouses at 6 and 7 Mt. Vernon Place, as well as the organization's headquarters at nearby 25 Beacon Street, for a grand total of $23,600,000. Now Nos. 6 and 7 are on the market together (and separately) and they offer quite the challenge for any buyer.

Six Mt. Vernon is 7,661 square feet and is being offered as a potential 6-BR, 9-BA wonderland (three of the baths are halves). There are existing permits for the building's current developer to add new exterior everything, including windows and sewer connections. Everything else will be up to the buyer (a suggested floorplan for the third level is above, courtesy of listing brokerage Gibson Sotheby's). There is the added bonus of a potential underground garage to share with 25 Beacon. Currently, 6 Mt. Vernon wants $8,500,000. No. 7 is in the same developmental boat, though it's slightly smaller (7,391 square feet) and cheaper ($8,000,000). The location can't be beat—a stone's throw from that Federal masterpiece, the Massachusetts State House—but can the TLC involved be overcome to seal a deal(s)? Stay tuned.
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