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Four Boston Hotel Rooftops Fabulous for the Gorgeous Weather

How 'bout this weather, huh? After our nightmarish winter, it's unequivocally awesome to enjoy so much sunshine and warmth. To help that enjoyment along, we bring you four of the most fabulous hotel rooftops in Boston, all of them open to the general public. If these don't do it for you, might we suggest these off-the-beaten-path parks or these bike routes for the more movement-inclined? As for us, we'll take poolside with a cocktail.

Rooftop @ Revere
200 Stuart Street
We kick things off in downtown. The 16,000-square-foot spread crowning the Revere is seven floors above it all and comes complete with cabanas. It serves booze, too, as well as seasonal snacks.


The Colonnade Pool
120 Huntington Avenue
This rooftop is dominated by a pool that opens this year on May 22. The whole deck is open to the public and (obviously) to hotel guests, though there are certain hours and certain admission fees. It also hosts yoga classes and concerts.

Taj Boston
15 Arlington Street
The inn that asks tens of thousands a month for some of its suites is capped by a rooftop eatery famed for its Sunday brunch. It's not cheap, but it comes with spectacular views of the Public Garden and Boston Common.

Hyatt Regency Boston
1 Avenue de Lafayette
This puppy is the hidden gem of our selection: The Avenue One restaurant at the Hyatt in downtown comes with a terrace with vus of the streets below.
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