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Cheapest, Priciest Areas in the Hub to Rent an Apartment

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Congratulations to us all. The Boston area maintained in April its third-place spot behind San Francisco and New York re: the nation's priciest market for renting a 1-BR apartment. That's according to research site Zumper, which culled its database of available listings and vacant apartments for the above map of median rents. The site also broke down Hub rents by neighborhood and apartment size as of last month. Care to see which areas are cheaper/pricier than others?

The priciest area of the region to rent overall, according to Zumper, was along the D Street corridor in ever-changing South Boston. There the median rent in April was nearly $3,000, well ahead of Cambridge's Kendall Square, which held the No. 2 spot with a median of $2,650. Have at it and let us know your own experiences in the Thunderdome that is Greater Boston's leasing bazaar. The Curbed Boston Tipline is ever so discreet.
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