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Here's How M.I.T.'s Kendall Square Additions Will Look

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M.I.T. this week unveiled renderings of what its Kendall Square redevelopment is supposed to look like. Above is the plan for the so-called Site 5 near Main and Ames streets, which will include the M.I.T. Museum, retail, and research and development facilities.

Site 4, to the right of Site 5 on Main Street, will include graduate student housing, the M.I.T. Press Bookstore and additional retail.

And here's an artist's take on the open space planned for between Hayward and Carleton streets (a.k.a. Site 3).

All total, what M.I.T. calls the Kendall Square Initiative (not to be confused with ConnectKendall!) is slated to include six new buildings; 500 net new housing units; 100,000 square feet of new and repositioned ground-floor retail; three acres of open space; and the retention of some 800K square feet of existing capacity for future academic use. East Cambridge will never feel the same.
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Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA