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Cambridge's Future in New Eatery; Mass. the Safest State

CENTRAL SQUARE—The new 24-hour Clover in Central Square could presage Cambridge's future: "Probably the rudest aspect we had to deal with was from people who are not sober coming in, but everyone's just been really happy and had a really positive attitude. We had one person fall asleep in here we had to roust, but I don't think we've had to call the police yet..." [Day]
MASS.-WIDE—Our fair commonwealth is apparently the safest state to live in, according to a new survey, just ahead of Vermont (though why would anyone want to live there?): "We used 20 key metrics to analyze each state according to different safety standards, taking into account the rates of crime and traffic accidents, for instance, as well as data related to employer insurance coverage, climate disasters and more." [WalletHub]