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Here's How Much Greater Boston Tenants Are Really Paying

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In anticipation of Renters Week 2015, we asked you to send in what you're paying in rent (and where) to the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. You did not disappoint, dear reader. The idea was to find out what people are really paying when things such as deals and incentives are added in; and to find out exactly what the rent pays for these days. There are seemingly tons of reports and listicles out there that can be helpful in guesstimating what's in store; but only when you drill down to the everyday (or every first of the month, we should say) do you get a clearer picture.

Here is a batch of responses we've gotten so far. The tipline is still very much open!
· 1600 Beacon Street in the Washington Square area of Brookline: $2,400 for a 1-BR that includes garaged parking, A/C, heat and hot water.
· "We pay $1,600/month for a 2-BR on the top of a triple-decker a block from the Stony Brook station in JP. No perks offered by the owner, but we do enjoy searching for parking, schlepping heavy stuff up three flights of winding stairs, and learning Spanish from the neighbors' blaring Telemundo programs. Let this be a heartening reminder, though, that not all of JP has been spit-polished to gleam as brightly as a Volvo wagon's paint job."
· "I own now, but a little over a year ago I was renting a 1-BR, 815-square-foot [apartment] in Church Park for $2,990 a month plus $295/mo for parking in their garage.I also know a 2-BR, 1,180-square-foot [apartment] at 424 Mass. Ave. in Boston is rented for $4,000/month, comes with 1 garage parking spot.

Stay tuned for more throughout the week. And keep 'em coming!
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