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What $2,000 (or Less) a Month Rents You in Back Bay

'Tis no tonier neighborhood of Boston than Back Bay, what with its mega-deals and mega-listings and its firm place in the pantheon of Tom Brady's real estate adventures. Seems, then, that it would be largely unaffordable rent-wise unless one were willing to shell out well over $2,000 a month. Not true. Herein are several listings at or below that magic number that are available right this very second in Back Bay. They're not the poshest digs, but they're nothing to sneeze at, either. There is, after all, a saying about location in real estate, no? Above is the first one. Unit 32 at 439 Marlborough Street is a 450-square-foot studio with free laundry in the building. It's asking $1,875.


Unit 7 at 116 Marlborough Street is another studio. It comes with a fireplace and wants $2K even.

Another Marlborough Street studio, this one Unit 3 at No. 336. It's 325 square feet (micro!) and comes with a window A/C unit as well as a Murphy pull-down bed within the cabinet pictured above. It's also asking $2,000 a month.

We're back in 116 Marlborough with Unit 8, which comes with a twist: There's a loft built into it (you can see it above), opening up a little more space. The spread wants $2,000 a month.

Let's step away from Marlborough Street for a bit and into Unit 57 at 483 Beacon Street. It's a 480-square-foot 1-BR asking $2,000. See? You can even get more than a studio in Back Bay for that amount. Good luck to you.
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