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Pro Soccer Stadium in Southie; Big Changes to Center Plaza

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DOWNTOWN BOSTON—Owner Shorenstein Properties can't change the outside but it wants to spend $20 million on sprucing up the outside of the square opposite City Hall: "Stuck with a challenging façade that would be prohibitively expensive to remove or to change substantially, Shorenstein is concentrating on fixing other problematic aspects of Center Plaza, namely its cavernous street-level arcade, a dark and dank space that feels more like a parking garage than an open-air pedestrian walkway." [Globe]
SOUTH BOSTON—The Patriots' owners want a pro soccer stadium near Widett Circle and—surprise, surprise!—they'll help build a commuter-rail stop if that helps: "It also suggests that a new train station could be built at the stadium site—labeled on the map as 'Commuter Rail/DMU.' That could mean it would be related to the proposed Indigo Line ... which would transport trains powered by on-board diesel engines or diesel multiple units (DMU). According to the document, the new train would stop at the stadium site before circling Widett Circle and apparently returning to South Station." []