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Boston East, Condo Project Reborn as Apts., Joins Eastie Boom

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The Boston Redevelopment Authority way back in July 2013 approved plans for the 196-unit apartment complex known as Boston East at 112 Border Street along the waterfront in busy, busy Eastie. Developer Trinity Financial originally conceived the project as around 200 condos, but the Great Recession got in the way late last decade, stalling both that plan and a subsequent one to build apartments.

Things started to turn economically (read: financing for multifamily projects came roaring back as did a ridiculously landlord-friendly apartment market in the region) and it looks like Boston East is getting underway now, per Catherine Carlock at the Boston Business Journal. It will include not just the 196 apartments, but six so-called live-work-sell units for artists, a 400-foot harborwalk with a kayak launch, a community gallery and an acre of open space. Boston East joins a plethora of development throughout Eastie, where record deals have been unfolding with a kind of regularity that makes you think that full-blown gentrification is waiting just around the corner.
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