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Will a Private Developer Take Over Boston's Olympics Bid?

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There is apparently a Plan B (or is it C?) afoot for Boston's floundering Olympics bid. Take it away, Lauren Dezenski at the Dorchester Reporter: "One such option in the works, primarily for the temporary stadium site at Widett Circle and future mixed-use development at Midtown, is a so-called 'master developer' plan, in which a well-established local developer would purchase the parcels of land, develop to Olympic specifications, and bear the financial burden–or windfall–for the parcels."

Such an idea is just that: an idea being bandied about as public officials and private backers of the Games in Boston sprint toward a June 30 deadline for a revised bid. Also, the costs for a private developer in building Olympic venues would be immense by New England standards: "Specifically at Midtown, a source involved with negotiations says discussions have revolved around building a deck over an existing MBTA yard to create a platform laden with lines for utilities and other resources necessary for a subsequent neighborhood. The platform could cost up to $1 billion." Somebody get L.A. on the phone?
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