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Olympic Volleyball in Quincy; Bringing Down Boston Rents

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DOWNTOWN BOSTON—Relax, no one's tossing tons of sand on the Common: "Now Boston 2024 has found its alternative. It wants to put beach volleyball at Squantum Point Park in Quincy. Boston 2024 announced the plan Wednesday at the site, located along Boston Harbor. The area would receive expanded parking, access to a ferry terminal, and more in anticipation of the games, according to a news release." []
BOSTON—Really? "So if Boston and Cambridge want moderated rents and population growth — and the occupied office spaces that follow that growth and moderated rents — developers need to bring more units online. 'You only need about 3,000 more households,' Nordby said. 'For a city the size of Boston, that's not going to be hard to fill.'" [Biz Journal]