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Ballpark Vus From Fenway's Viridian; NeWell Caldwell Leased

FENWAY—Check out the vus from one of Boston's biggest new apartment towers: "Built on the site of a former McDonald's, many of the Boylston Street-facing units of the 20-story building look down into the ballpark. And those on the east side of the Viridian have panoramic views out over the Fens to the towers of Back Bay." [Herald]
CHARLESTOWN—Tenants have moved in to all the units in NeWell Caldwell, that ruthlessly healthy apartment development we told you about last fall. The rents were $4,550 for the top-floor 4-BR, 2-BA; $4,000 for the middle 4-BR, 2-BA and $2,400 for the 2-BR, 2-BA. All came with parking, too. [Curbed Boston]

The Viridian

1282 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215