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More on How Much Greater Boston Tenants Are Really Paying

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The numbers keep rolling in from Curbed Boston readers re: how much they pay in rent when things such as tenant incentives and special arrangements are factored in. Wanna share, too? Email the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline with your rent and your location as well as any other details (such as roommates) that you find relevant.

Here are some of the latest write-ins, editing solely for style (e.g. a comma here and there):
· 88 Bremen Street, East Boston—$2,100 (heat/hot water included) for a 2-BR
· 60 College Avenue near Davis Square—1-BR, 1-BA, $2,000 (heat/hot water included)
· And now this longer dispatch from Fort Point:
We live at 315 on A. We are in the process of renewing our lease for $3,225 (1-BR with 760 square feet). Equity Residential just took over the building and there has been some frustration from tenants as they get things in order, but were great in helping us negotiate to a price point that was achievable for us. We received one month free from Greystar when we first moved in, since the building was still new then, but Equity is only offering a reduced security deposit right now (The "Save 900" on their website means pay a $99 security deposit instead of $1,000). 315 base rents remain cheaper than the new Pier 4 building, and there is still decent access to free resident parking on this side of the neighborhood, which saves you some money as well.

We looked at Pier 4 recently and the building is beautiful but the pool is a perk that is likely to be hard to enjoy— they have about 20 pool chairs around a wading pool for 300 apartments (100 percent tenancy would be around 900 people, according to the leasing agent). They also allow residents to book the outdoor area for a small fee, which will further limit access to the rest of the building. Red flag for me as they figure out how to manage this!
· Our Renters Week 2015 archive [Curbed Boston]

315 on A

315 A St, Boston, MA 02210