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Priciest, Cheapest Areas to Rent a Hub Apartment Right Now

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Kendall Square in Cambridge has emerged as the priciest area to rent a 1-BR apartment in the Boston region. That's according to the latest monthly market report on median asking rents from real estate research engine Zumper (the data cover vacant and available apartments as of May). Kendall Square a month ago ran second to the D Street-West Broadway corridor in Southie. Now, thanks to a 3.7 percent monthly increase, Kendall and the corridor have swapped places, with the techie hub well out in front: Its median 1-BR rent is $3,360 vs. $3,150 for D Street-West Broadway. As far as 2-BR medians go, Kendall's up there, too: No. 3 with $4,090 a month; the only two areas pricier are Back Bay at $4,220 and Chinatown/Leather District at $4,350. Click on the chart above to enlarge it and see how other neighborhoods stack up.

Above (obviously) is the region vs. the rest of the country. We're No. 3 yet again. But! According to Zumper: Though a number of metro areas in the US are increasing, two notable cities saw rents drop in May. Boston, though still maintaining the third spot on our list, saw median 1-BR asking rents drop 5.1 percent in May to $2,230. Similarly 2-BRs also decreased 5.5 percent to $2,600. The Los Angeles rental market saw a dip of 5.6 percent in May, with 1-BRs hovering at $1,700. Two-bedrooms decreased 3.5 percent to $2,500." Take that silver lining with you in your next apartment hunt, O.K.?
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