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New England's Tallest Building Could Go Up in Kendall Square

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There is so much changed planned for and—hoped for—in Cambridge's Kendall Square area. Among the latter kind of change is that for the rather drab Volpe transportation hub. Discussions are well underway among city officials about rezoning the 14-acre site. That rezoning could include clearing the way for something truly monumental.

Catherine Carlock at the Boston Business Journal has the details: "Tops among the proposed changes to the Volpe site is a proposal to build a towering skyscraper. The planning board has discussed a 500-foot tower, while limiting other development at the site to 350 feet. But Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung has proposed rezoning to allow for a 1,000-foot tower." That would, of course, make it roughly 200 feet taller than the Hancock in downtown Boston, the region's tallest spire to date.

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Things are still rather fluid and sketchy—various stakeholders must have their say, including the federal government, which controls the Volpe site. But the tower idea (its use yet to be determined) is definitely on the table. It would be a game-changer, to say the least, in a Boston region where 600 feet is often considered scandalous. Stay tuned.
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