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Seaport Yotel Expected to Get Underway This Summer

Around this time last year plans emerged for an 11-story, 326-room Yotel on Seaport Boulevard in the 23-acre Seaport Square development in Boston's Seaport District (Seaport!). What's a Yotel? It's a kind of pod-filled inn where rooms, called cabins, run smaller than your average hotel suite. In the case of the proposed Seaport Yotel, they would span from between 160 to 200 square feet (above is the floorplan for a queen room in the Yotel in New York's Times Square). A lawsuit against Seaport developer Boston Global Investors over an easement in the area appeared to derail last year's proposal, however, and that lawsuit has only just now been resolved.
The resolution means that construction, once slated to start in May, is now expected to get underway in August. Also, BGI will in July commence building a 5,000-square-foot chapel for the Catholic archdiocese of Boston, a project also held up by the lawsuit. And! A 2,500-square-foot public plaza is planned for next to the Yotel. So many sweeteners. Stay tuned.
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