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Southie Sale Offers Proof of Cooling Boston Housing Market

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There are multiple signs the scorching-hot Greater Boston housing market is cooling—not cliff-diving, just cooling. Wider trends such as declines in both trades over the asking price and condo sales year-over-year in certain markets prove the point. So, too, do individual events, such as the sale of Unit 1 at 772 East Fourth Street in South Boston. That 1,713-square-foot 2-BR, 2.5-BA spread with sauna and parking for two hit the sales market in mid-April for $895,000. The tag then dropped four weeks later to $865,000 and the whole shebang sold for $850,000 in a deal that closed Friday. That's a full $45K off the asking price. And in Southie no less, perhaps the changing-est neighborhood in the entire region.
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