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New Look at What Would Be Roxbury's Tallest Building

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Roxbury's Dudley Square is undergoing some profound changes, what with the opening of the Bolling building and the chatter about the area becoming another hub for Boston's ever-burgeoning technology industry. Now come details, including the above rendering, of what would be the tallest building ever constructed in the entire neighborhood.

The current proposal calls for a 25-story glass-and-steel building atop the Institution for Savings in Roxbury and Its Vicinity, across from the Dudley Square MBTA Station. The first nine floors would be commercial space, mostly offices; floors 10 through 19 would be 1- and 2-BR apartments asking about $2,000 a month tops; and the rest of the floors would be given over to condos for as-yet-undisclosed prices. Everything is fluid right now, with a city review of the proposal still to come. It has a lot going for it, though, already: the Dudley Square changes in general, in particular, as well as its emphasis on transit-oriented development. The city loves that. Stay tuned.
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Dudley Square

Dudley Street, Boston, MA 02119