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Meet the Micro-Lofts of a Changing Chelsea's Admirals Hill

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Everyone knows that Chelsea is certainly undergoing epic changes after a long slog back from its collapse into state receivership in the 1990s. Developments such as One North of Boston and Chelsea Place, not to mention the planned extension of the Silver Line into its downtown, have dragged the city over some kind of psychic hump. Add more evidence of a property-driven renaissance: a collection of uber-trendy micro-apartments on the Mystic. The nine units at 305 MicroLofts @ Commoncove in Chelsea's Admirals Way range from 285 to 445 square feet, with each one uniquely designed. More importantly perhaps, the new condos start at a mere $200,000 (and each comes with parking). Typical of the micro-apartment zeitgeist, the new development touts its location more than what's inside the unit. Presumably owners will be spending more time at the nearby Mystic Brewery or pushing off from the on-site kayak launch. Or! Perhaps in the co-working space below them (developer Kevin Saba is co-founder of co-work space Commoncove). Tours for prospective buyers started last Friday.
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