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All Olympics Edition! Columbia Point Plans, U.S. Support

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DORCHESTER—It's not just Midtown that the Olympics would supposedly transform forever: "The athlete's village, planned for Columbia Point, would follow a similar private development strategy to build 4 million square feet of new construction. It would be converted to 2,700 new student beds for UMass Boston and 3,000 units of housing, as well as shops, restaurants and community spaces, across a new 30-acre waterfront neighborhood, according to Boston 2024." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—Americans in general really want the Olympics in the U.S. of A. But! Like with many in the Hub, they don't want the Games so close by: "Ask whether they'd approve of it in their state, and that support drops to 75 percent. And ask if they'd support the Olympics in their local area, and support droops to 61 percent." []