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Allston Complex Will—Gasp!—Not Have Parking for Everybody

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Aside from the Patriots and perhaps their families, there is nothing more important to a Bostonian than his or her parking, or the prospect thereof. Yet here comes a recently filed proposal for 138 apartments at 89 Brighton Avenue in Allston. Its animating thrust? Barely enough parking for every other apartment.

Cambridge-based developer Eden Properties is proposing 69 parking spaces total—or enough for only half of the apartments to have one. The other half? They're expected to bike, walk or take the T. The developer plans to provide discounts for the T, Zipcar and Hubway; and to make room for storing 142 bikes as well as for an on-site bicycle repair station. Residents may also be able to receive credits for ride-sharing app Uber, according to Jack Newsham in The Globe.

Nothing's been finalized yet, but Eden hopes to get underway by this time next year with a completion date of June 2017. Most of the apartments (83) would be studios, with the rest a mix of 1- and 2-BRs. Stay tuned. Car-less new development is not a new thing in Boston; but watching the reaction never gets old.
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