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Help Us Pick the Most Horrible Renter's Tale in Boston

It's time to vote in the local round of Curbed Horror Stories! The winner of this round will go on to compete against Curbed sites nationwide. The prize? A free stay in a local boutique hotel. Polls open until midnight tonight. National voting starts Friday. Here are excerpts from the two tales in contention:
· The Bait-and-Switch: "Once we got to Carol Ave. something looked ... off. I had distinctly remembered the front of the building being different. Still, we entered the lobby and went upstairs to the apartment number we had been given at the office. We glanced at each other uneasily. None of it looked familiar. It had been a whole summer since we'd been there last time, but, still, would we really have forgotten what everything looked like?"
· The Never-Ending Search: "The first place I saw was in a great location but once inside the building we literally could not find the unit. We searched and searched and even asked a current tenant if they knew where this unit was. We then went in the breaker room to see if there was a box for the unit. No box for the unit's power. There was one door in the hallway down by the breaker room that didn't have a number on it so we figured we would try the lock because we had looked at every other door in the building."

Poll results

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