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7 Greater Boston Buildings w/ the Best in Modern Amenities

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Rents as they are in the region's newer apartment complexes mean tenants expect more than a greying, fraying couch in an unattended lobby. If you're throwing down $2,400-plus for a studio, you want something beyond those four walls of socioeconomic reminder to show for it. How about a heated pool? Or a bocce-ball court? Or why not someplace to shoot hoops without stepping outside when it's 20 degrees and the snow is raining down? These buildings have you covered.

We begin in North Cambridge for the environmentally inclined. The 44-unit Wyeth at 120 Rindge Avenue includes electric-car-charging stations. They're free for tenants to use.


Staying in Cambridge, but toward the other side: The 321-unit Watermark Kendall West at 350 Third Street, near the similarly named square, includes what it calls a Sky Terrace.

Oh, yes. The game your uncles played in between sips of Narragansett (before it was cool) was 2014's Curbed Boston Amenity of the Year. Here's the bocce ball court at the 428-unit Atmark at 70 Fawcett Street in West Cambridge. It's so modern it's retro.

The 286-unit Victor at 110 Beverly Street near North Station includes a half-court basketball court as part of its fitness accoutrements.

The 381-unit Kensington at 665 Washington Street in Chinatown comes with a heated, year-round pool on the sixth floor.

Communal roof decks are de rigueur for newer rental complexes, including the 328-unit Batch Yard at 25 Charlton Street in Everett. It's built out of part of the old Charleston Chew candy factory (hence the sign).

This may be the ultimate modern Boston amenity ... or it may be complete BS. The developer behind Fort Point's 315 on A touted the 202-unit complex as the epitome of 20-Minute Living: everything a tenant would want is within 20 minutes of him or her. You can kind of see that from one of the building's views above. They used to call that location. Thank god we live in these times.
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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

315 on A

315 A St, Boston, MA 02210