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A Final Round of What Boston Tenants Really Pay in Rent

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Renters Week 2015 is starting to wind down here at Curbed Boston and one the best features of it (we think) has been one in which you write in to tell us the rents you're paying and the deals you're getting. It helps others navigate one of the tightest rental markets in the U.S. of A. and one that shows few signs of improving from a tenant's perspective. Without further adieu, then, the last batch of insider-y information about current rents and rental deals.

· I rent at 156 Porter Street in East Boston. I have just renewed my lease for $2,450/month, which has crept up a few hundred dollars over the last three years. The unit is a loft—1-BR, 2-BA on the top floor with a patio and great view of the city. I have one tandem parking spot for two cars included in the rent, but the building doesn't have additional amenities (pool, gym, spa, concierge, etc.).
· I pay $1,750/month for a 2-BR apartment with a large deck but no parking on the East Side of Southie.
· My girlfriend and roommate have split $2,200 for the third-floor 3-BR, 2-BA at 2 Moseley Street for the past two years. The owner sold it, though, so my girlfriend and I are looking for our next spot!
· 86 Charles Street, Apartment 5, Studio:
2013-2014 Rent: $1,550
2014-2015 Rent: $1,580
2015-2016 Rent: $1,630
· Waldo Road, Arlington, $1,400 2-BR, 1-BA; backyard; parking included; washer included
· We pay $2,550 for a small 2-BR, 1-BA on lower Irving Street in the north slope of Beacon Hill. Top floor, mediocre quality. We moved in four years ago, and our landlord has increased our rent by $50 each year. He tells us the increase is low because he likes us. I suppose we are paying under market now, as crazy as that seems.
· I pay $1,400 for a studio at 31 Park Drive in Fenway. Has alcove and updated kitchen. Maybe 400 square feet
· 381 Congress Street in Fort Point; spacious 1-BR with two people living in it; $2,700/month; dogs are allowed but it's an extra $100/month. I did not have to pay last month rent up front and there was no security deposit.
· $1,190/month for a 715-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA in Ink Block. 12-month lease with no breakage fee and month to month after a year. Affordable housing.
Thanks to all who wrote in. We should do this again sometime.
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Porter 156

, East Boston, MA

The Ink Block

Harrison Avenue and Herald Street, boston, Ma