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Jeffries Point Condo Sets Eastie Per-Square-Foot Sales Record

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Yet another milestone for busy, busy East Boston: A top-floor condo at 176 Webster Street in the New Brooklyn's Jeffries Point section set an all-time price-per-square-foot sales record at the end of May. Unit 3 is a 2-BR, 1-BA spread over 710 square feet with a private deck running to 370 square feet. It was asking $389,000—or $547 a square foot—as of early April. Unit 3 sold for $404,000—or just more than $569 a square foot. The previous Eastie per-square-foot record, according to Keller Williams' Paul Campano, was $538 and change for a condo at the Porter 156 lofts. Campano listed Unit 3 at 176 Webster and, for that matter, the 64 Marion Street duplex that set East Boston's aggregate sales record in December 2014. Stay tuned for further change.
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Porter 156

, East Boston, MA