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Tall Ship Seeks a Welcoming Party That Appreciates History

Boston loves having history repeat itself. Especially when that history is intertwined with cool ships. On Saturday, we will party at Rowes Wharf like its 1780 to celebrate the Marquis de Lafayette's voyage from France to Boston, where he revealed explosive news of support that the French would aide the United States in its aim to free itself from British forces. That alliance would lead to the American-French win at Yorktown during the Revolutionary War in 1781.

While the original ship was called the Hermione, the replica is named Frigate of Freedom, and took seventeen years to build.

Come party with Bostonians who have RSVP'd: Mayor Walsh; Governor Baker, Fabien Fieschi, general consul of France to Boston; and Hervé Blanché, the mayor of Rochefort, France. You know you want to go.

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