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Essential Restaurants; Ghostbusters in Chinatown; More!

FORT POINT & SPRING HILL — Two vital cocktail updates: Menton is debuting its "glam" cocktail bar, The Gold Bar, on Monday; it's a collaboration among chef de cuisine Scott Jones, head honcho Barbara Lynch, wine genius Cat Silirie, and Drink alum/legend John Gertsen. And Cuisine en Locale is debuting its revamped ONCE Lounge on July 20 in collaboration with Dave Cagle, whose cocktails you've probably tried at the B-Side Lounge (RIP), Green Street, or Trina's Starlite Lounge.

CHINATOWN — Ghostbusters has taken over Chinatown, giving part of it a temporary makeover.

HUB-WIDEThese are 38 of Boston's most essential restaurants.

HUB-WIDE — Mix up your brunch routine this weekend with one of these brand new options.