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Last Boston Snow Melts; Development Changes Columbia Point

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SOUTH BOSTON—This weekend's sweltering temperatures apparently finished off Boston's last snow farm: "'There is no snow left as far as I can tell,' Elise Musumano, an employee at ChoiceStream in Boston's Seaport district, told 'Based on my close proximity this morning, it's really just a pile of trash at this point.'" []
DORCHESTER—Highlighting change in the Hub's Neighborhood of the Year: "What was once the dilapidated neighborhood of the feared 'Columbia Point Dawgs' gang is now Harbor Point on the Bay, an upscale-looking, mixed-income, gated residential community with a fitness center, tennis and beach volleyball courts, and a prime ocean view near Carson Beach on Dorchester Bay. Monthly rent in the complex begins at more than $2,000 ..." [Globe]