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305-Foot Residential Tower Planned for Downtown Crossing

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There are few more game-change-y neighborhoods in Greater Boston than Downtown Crossing. The heretofore mostly commercial burg is slowly, but surely (maybe) transitioning from 9-to-5 to 24-7 with new developments such as Millennium Place, Millennium Tower and the Godfrey hotel. Here comes another project that could spur some of said transformation: a 30-story, 38-foot-wide, 305-foot tower dubbed Canvas at the former site of the Felt pool hall at 533 Washington Street.

The Boston Business Journal's Catherine Carlock has the goods on what's being proposed: The top 26 floors would contain "94 residential units ... The bottom four floors would include restaurant and 'collaborative workspace uses,' including co-working and business incubator space. Project architect ADD Inc./Stantec's design includes retaining the existing four-story facade and building a modern glass and zinc tower on the 26 stories above the base." The hoped-for height would not make 533 Washington particularly tall by modern Boston standards. It would certainly stand out, though, in a town where 200 feet can be controversial. Stay tuned.
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Millennium Place

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