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So Who Thinks This Downtown Crossing Tower Will Get Built?

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News broke earlier this week of Rafi Properties' proposal to plunk a 30-story, 305-foot tower with at least 94 residential units on the site of 533 Washington Street in busy, busy Downtown Crossing. And it didn't take long for the cynicism to (understandably) set in.

Here are some of the best unfiltered comments from Curbed Boston readers.
· I've been known to lean towards doom-n-gloom—and to be sure, we New Englanders are a pessimistic lot—but after reading the comments across multiple posts herein, I find pessimism is often trumped by acid-laced nihilism. It's one thing to foresee problems; it's another thing entirely to shit on an idea simply because you can.
· This will not be built. Why? Because don't worry they will start petitions and or just plain fight it. Don't get your hopes up.
· Sorry "looks good" guys—I think it looks incredibly boring. But most of the other buildings in that area are rather banal as well. Wonder how long before the Ritz people chime in about lost views....
· It does look good and I think this one might actually come into being—Downtown Crossing has very few NIMBYs (or none at all) so we shouldn't hear too much moaning about shade or wind or affordability.
The phone lines are still open.
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