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Lack of Parking in Boston Apparently Dooms Fung Wah Bus

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For years beginning in the early '00s Fung Wah buses ferried passengers between from New York's Chinatown and Boston as many as 12 times a day for prices as low as $10 one way. In that, Fung Wah served as the template for additional dirt-cheap-life-in-your-hands bus services and its own routes expanded to include other cities such as Washington. Then the line's reputation for being a little too eager to load 'em up and get 'em moving caught up with it: a series of high-profile accidents as well as the revelation of spotty training for drivers spurred the feds to yank Fung Wah's license in 2013. It was supposed to start rolling between Gotham and us, though, later this year after a series of fixes.

New York news site DNAinfo has the scoop that that will likely not happen. And why might Fung Wah never roll again? Because of a lack of parking in Boston. Of course. "Sources said Fung Wah's closure was likely caused by its inability to secure a bus stop in Boston." Basically, the line, long nicknamed "the Chinatown bus," lost its spot at South Station after losing its license; and it hasn't been able (or is unwilling) to find another one. Share your Fung Wah memories in the comments section.
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