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Yup, That Fenway Billboard Says NewYork.Sucks. Here's Why.

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You may have noticed a new billboard near Fenway Park visible from the Mass Pike. (We noticed it just this week on the way back from Logan.) It reads quite simply in the blue and red colors of the Yankees, ""

David Harris at the Boston Biz Journal has the details of who is behind the billboard and why they hate New York so much: "The company that owns the rights to the .sucks generic top-level domain, Cayman Islands-based Vox Populi, is behind the campaign. Vox Populi is a subsidiary of Canadian-based Momentous Corp., which acquired the .sucks domain name for $3 million last year. ... Vox Populi CEO and self-professed Yankees fan John Berard said the Boston billboard is one of two that have sprouted up around the country. The other, near San Francisco's Bay Bridge, promotes the site ''"

Plugging in takes you to a domain-registration site for further dot-sucks addresses. Don't try to rescue, though. Vox Populi also owns that domain "and could appear on a billboard in New York at some point..."
· Boston Billboard Near Fenway Says New York 'Dot-Sucks' and Here's Why [Biz Journal]