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Boston Plays Trump Card Against Casino; Hub Bunny Boom

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HUB-WIDE—It's because they breed like ... "Boston is known to be home to many creatures people look to avoid: Rats, squirrels, mice, roaches, pigeons, seagulls, mosquitoes, plenty of other bugs and birds, raccoons, possums, and sometimes a few Yankees and Lakers fans. But the city is experiencing the most adorable annual 'infestation' imaginable: Bunnies." [Metro]
CHARLESTOWN/EVERETT—And guess what? The commission is not too keen on approval. "Most of the gamblers who would flock to Wynn's $1.7 billion casino would need to use Boston streets to get there, through the tangle of traffic that is Sullivan Square in Charlestown. Wynn wants to make a series of improvements to make those trips easier. But those upgrades can't happen without approval from the city's Public Improvement Commission, a panel of city department heads with authority over city roads and rights-of-way." [Globe]

Sullivan Square

Interstate 93, Boston, MA